The undiscussed

Posted in Sex in Caribbean Art, Trinidad and Tobago by Adele Todd on August 18, 2007

Having written about the impact of Boscoe Holders’ work, I was struck by the word, undiscussed. This word sums up quite well the problems of erotic art in the Caribbean. Sexuality is very much part of our lives, yet it is very rarely discussed.
The situation of the young pastor’s daughter sneaking out of her home to go to a concert where she was assaulted by the African American singer Akon was a huge controversy, and as controversies go on the island, a lot of talk around the subject of sex but no truly penetrating information. (Pun intended)

The Mighty Sparrow

Is this because of our calypso and carnival? Neither art form pretends to be anything other than a thinly veiled attempt at mischief making and make believe based sometimes on fact. Calypso in particular is dependent on double entendre, puns, humour, and all types of literary language to get the point across.

A lizard run up she foot and it disappear
Everybody keep searching everywhere
Where de lizard, teacher Mildred
Under she dress
Taking a rest
The way she jolly and happy
Dey say a lizard mus’ be tickli’she

What is the art of this period doing while the Mighty Sparrow is bringing the house down with his crudity?


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