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Posted in Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on August 20, 2007

SoftBox’s alternative show
A year ago a photo studio in Woodbrook called Soft Box opened its doors to exhibitions by artists. One such show was a group show of homoerotic art by a woman and a male artist. The show was very discrete, with neither artist wanting any publicity for their art. What transpired was a very sensitive show of coloured pencil and pencil sketches of the wonders of sexual emotion.

Adiction 2005, Soft Box studies

These works were by no means crude or pornographic. In fact they had a softness and illustrative charm to them. The male artist showed winged men standing in poses akin to the 20th century illustrator Erte. The female artists work was more patterned and reminded me of primitive Haitian paintings.

Both artists were celebrating gay love, and they did so in a joyous way. My friends and I spent some time talking with the owner of SoftBox and his wife about their decision to show alternative work, and we were quite pleased that they had the foresight and strength to put shows together that they saw as worthy. Their goal here is not necessarily to make money, but to allow artists who cannot show work in other venues, a real voice.


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