Pink is not my favourite colour

Posted in Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on August 21, 2007

I am doing some research for a future show that I have simply titled, Stain. It is about the prickly embrace that is female sexuality – women claiming desire. I see it as a tentative thing because of certain recent events in Trinidad and Tobago. From the debate about the under aged girl in the Zen nightclub to that of a friends daughter who was reprimanded by her school principal when she complained about a boy in the girl’s room when she went to change out of her swimming suit at a meet.
These events made me very curious to look at how women are perceived today. I came across an article in The New York Times about teenagers and their tastes at the moment. The article was titled, What’s wrong with Cinderella? It stated,
“Sexual purity, and there’s a trap at the end of the rainbow, because the progression from pale, innocent pink is not the other colours. It’s to hot, sexy pink – especially the kind of sexuality parents are trying to avoid.”

School girl wet for man

Years ago, when I was working on my show Hit, The research was very different. I recall reading an article that said that women were not predisposed to violence and that it was very rare for women to commit acts of murder. Stated today, it may sound quite implausible to many, that this was the research in 1999, 2000 from one set of international study. Many blame the media for the rise in female violence, particularly on each other. For my show I shall not be looking at a lot of violence however. I want to look at female sexuality as girls grow into women. I shall look at the idea of aping and mimicking sexiness, coming to terms with romantic and sexual feelings, choosing to act or not to act upon them and what that entails.

I’ll be looking at female nudity, lesbianism, narcissism, motherhood, martyrdom and spinsterhood.


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