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Posted in Art in Canada by Adele Todd on August 28, 2007

It has been many years since I have managed to talk with a friend of mine here in Canada. We have instead been emailing. We agree that it is a filthy habit when the phone is so close, but you see, we really like to talk and an hour and a half into our phone visit, I was bombarded with so much information on the Canada Art scene that my head was reeling . . . but in a very good way.

We plan to meet very soon and strike out to the galleries together. He spoke about the fact that many Canadian artists feel that they need to leave Canada to make an impact at home. Going to the United States, to New York or the California scene for example, making a name there and then coming home with resume in hand.

He also mentioned the closing of so many galleries and the over commercialism of others, and the lack of funding.

Internet Art on Flickr- A young George Bush superimposed over the universe and Caribbean skies

Where was I? Back in T&T?!

It sounded so very familiar. But my friend is also venturing out in a new direction, the internet , to get his work seen by a wider audience. He is also planning to make a big push to doing art exclusively, as he gets commissions on a regular basis. He really needs to now work as an artist full time. It is all very exciting for him. I am looking forward to seeing his work again. it has always been very lryical, colourful and vibrant. He is an abstract painter influenced by people like Brancusi and the Futurists, so you can imagine the energy. His is a measured palette that could easily be 3-dimensional. It was a pleasure talking with him again and discussing our favourite subject. he has been working for at least twenty years, and he still manages to find so much to occupy him and interest his process that he made me feel as he always does, that Art is powerful and sustaining to one’s very soul. superimposed over the universe and Caribbean skies


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