Louise Kimme

Posted in Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on September 2, 2007

Louise Kimme

Another transplanted artist is the sculptor Louise Kimme. She works in Tobago and her studio and art gallery is a tourist attraction worth the time and effort. Miss Kimme’s work is monumental as well as controversial. Here is a diminutive German woman working in a small hamlet of mostly Afro Tobagonian peoples, turning their grace, passions and practicalities into lyrical totems of wood and colour and bronze. I have heard her detractors hark back to a blacksploitation. But these people are in the minority. Her work has proven that she means only to be inspired by what she sees as the magesty of the people of Tobago as she strives to represent them as the dancers of the Tobago Jig, the violin players, the boy and his pet pot hound, the girl with the broad behind in her Sunday best and all of the other representations that we of the islands probably felt too close to capture. Miss Kimme reminds us that beauty is all around us in our very real paradise if we could adjust ourselves to look inward instead of continuously away.


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  1. Anonymous said, on February 6, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    we need more info
    is it 2 much to ask by the way my brother is in love with yuh art

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