Sarah Beckett

Posted in Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on September 2, 2007

The artist Sarah Beckett is a transplanted artist. Having come from England in the sixties, she has stayed and worked for many years, giving her the affectionate monicker, honourary Trini. Miss Beckett is known for salon type pieces, colour filled and flighty, yet never facile. She uses her media with gusto and not a trace of labour. She seems to find a theme and then follow an invisible display of numbers to the logical conclusion from one piece to the next. She has worked in a variety of media including last year a dabbling in fabric. She has created many large canvases where her focus has been the exploration of colour and its symbolic uses for whatever theme she is exploring at the moment. Miss Beckett, a yoga instructor as well, is one of the most pleasant and positive artists you could meet on the island. She is always willing to talk about her work and she does not take herself so seriously that she cannot have a good laugh at a quirky opinion of herself.

Sarah Beckett

She tries to show alot of atmosphere in her pieces with the use of as little embellishment as possible. Her pieces when she does embellish, take on a sort of Zandra Rhodes (British fashion designer) visual shorthand of frenetic lines and squiggles. For some, she can occassionally go off course, but she is never afraid to test unfamiliar waters and she delights in the process of her work. Miss Beckett manages to fit right into our Trinidad aesthetic and gives a richness that is her eye to anyone willing to see.


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