A little sex please we are caribbean

Posted in Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on September 3, 2007

The last post got me to thinking about the whole sex question which got this blog started, and I had to chuckle at the contradiction that is the Trinidadian spirit. Where else can you see so much and reveal so little? The music is filled with innuendo and the art is not filled with any! How is this possible?

Eddy Bowen

There are paintings and drawings of nudity, but how much of it is sensuous or titillating? This is a question that I am throwing out for contemplation, so if there is anyone with a strong memory or present piece of work that strikes such a chord, please do let me know. I have been moved to tears by certain works of art, forgotten to breath for a moment with others, touched sculpture and wanted to cradle up with it, longed to visit a museum with no one around. But find work in Trinidad to want to privately covet…hmmm, that one shall take some thought. Perhaps the small series by Stuart Hahn of his Miss Pringle set. That has a scampishness as the girls lay about half naked and mischievous. Then there are some small pieces by Mario Lewis that are slightly naive yet striking.  Eddy Bowen has a sketch of a woman that looks rubbed out and replaced. Those works have a bit of turbulence around them to me, and I like the energy of them. Recently Zoya Tommy had possibly the last show at Art Creators and she produced some refreshing pieces that were fun and sketchy and just delightful. Her couple done in repeat pattern format was more decorative than sexy, yet, they had a charm to them. Then there is Jordan James who looked at images of men with wings, also illustrative, decorative and methodical. In those, there was a vulnerability present and a delicacy too.

Is it that as Trinidad and Tobago is forty-five this year, we are beginning to come of age and looking more inwardly to what we want individually? Or am I reading more into it than there really is? if so, I don’t want to know.

I would like to believe that there shall be shows to come that do engage me in ways that shoot me out of my shoes and ache with longing and knod with admiration for its intelligence. I know that it is coming, and that it may already be out there too.


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