Posted in Art School, Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on September 3, 2007

Jackie Hinkson

When you read about the Art of the Impressionist movement, you always read about the special light associated with France. When the caribbean is discussed by tourists, what is often mentioned is the very green, lushness of the islands, moreso than the seas. I have noticed the aspects of light of the islands, and found it special, as have many of our artists who paint scenes of the islands like Jackie Hinkson. He is possibly the one artist in the caribbean to be painting such scenes for so very long, since the 1960’s at least.

So what does the painting of landscapes and seascapes have to do with the more loaded question of ‘sex’ in art in the caribbean? After all, you look upon the straightforward themes of colonial house against lush vegetation, a person walking by, a dog in the yard and a still, clear day and where is the sex? Sometimes the simplicity of things lead one to contemplate romance and there is a falling in love with memories past or even memories never really experienced, and this is what Mr. Hinkson’s work is occasionally about.

There are times when stronger emotions are indeed warranted and urgent, but also sometimes a little kiss is as sweet.


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