Posted in Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on September 4, 2007

So what is sexypink trying to get at? What are the parametres for sex in art in caribbean works? Remember the controversy in Jamaica when a sculpture was revealed in all its nude glory and considered too riske for viewing! And in all places, to honour Edna Manley’s contribution to the arts no less. This in a country that honours lyrics that are gun glorifying and homophobic. (Beware Jamaica, what you hate, you become)

Lara Cooper,s  sculpture Emancipation Park,Jamaica

I am further quantifying my argument or moreso, discussion because it is not that our people are not capable or skilled, far from it. It is just that when I speak to artists individually, usually many of them lament that they would love to be painting, making, drawing, filming many other things…but!

It is that but that makes my hair stand on end.

It is that BUT that makes me compare them to our musicians who are extremely creative and truely push and pull at the bounderies of all music genres.

I would like to see more experimentation with concepts. More searching inward, less drollery, less warmed over, picked over themes.

I’d like to see artist telling its public, look at us, look at you, look at we! That sort of thing.

I’ve gone off the rails about the initial point and I do apologise, but this stuff gets me going. So much so that I held this post back yesterday to see whether I felt any differently today…the answer is no, no different about this topic, just hopeful that eventually things that really matter shall rise to the surface and truely resonate with society at large and future generations would also know about it without being coersed into knowing.


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