tantalizing art?

Posted in Art in the world, Debate by Adele Todd on September 5, 2007

After writing the addendum and reading some responses from friends on what I wrote about, I thought that it would be good to mention works that have impacted on me, and why. One person who jumps out immediately are the drawings of Aubrey Beardsley. I came across his work when I was still a child, and I loved the lines and the detail in his work. As I got older, I read more about him and his history, coupled with his erotic drawings made me like his work even more, as I sensed the struggle to understand himself in his work.

David Hockney

When I was a teenager, I recall as well getting a book of the pencil sketches of David Hockney. I liked that the studies were of his friends and lovers and parents, and I liked the casual handling. I have liked the large sketchy, sooty drawings of Jackie Hinkson too. Those pieces show every intention in their broad strokes. Frieda Kahlo’s images are powerful and shocking and beautiful and her use of colour is a delight. I love her small paintings of fruit. They manage to look both exotic and mysterious at once.

I have also liked the sketches of LeRoi Clarke from his book of poetry in the seventies. They are playful and filled with so much detail that you can get lost in them. Regarding other works I recall because of their sexual power, I shall have to think a bit more on that. But I know that there have been things that I have seen…oh, yes, The Barbarini Faun, that piece shocked me when I first saw it. It was larger than life and spread eagle and I was not expecting that. It made me turn around to see who might have been looking at me, looking at him. That was titilating.

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