why you doh draw me?

Posted in Opinion by Adele Todd on September 6, 2007

There are people who are going to tell me, why didn’t I continue to paint like I did all those years ago. There is something about doing certain work. I remember at that time I felt that I did not have anything new to say about art. I was not interested in joining the dialogue. Graphic Design was my passion. Art was my life. This is why I did not chose it as my major in college. I did not want someone telling me how to paint or what to paint. I did have art classes for two years, and I did enjoy and learn from them, but as it was not my major, I did not have the issues of painting in the vein of this teacher or that. It took me a long time to decide that I finally had ‘something to say’ as an artist, and it came from being dissatisfied with my world. As everyone knows, it had to do with reading about domestic violence in Trinidad and Tobago. That got a rise out of me, and only then did I start to make work for real.

I have always made work , but now, I was ready to show.

Ever so often I wonder about this roundabout way that I have gone after my love. I have hidden from it, dabbled in it, been frustrated and stalled by it. Today I am chomping at the bit to work in portrature again after so very, very long.

Perhaps it is the desire to leave something substantial behind, now that I know its value.

Ideas are quick, but Art is slow, it is a process and it cannot be forced.

So I don’t draw you because it just isn’t meant to be.


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