wigging out

Posted in Opinion, Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on September 12, 2007

Stuart has just brought to my attention the greater meaning of Ms. Gardener’s ‘vagina works’. They are actually her interpretation of vaginal wigs. It seems that these devices were necessary in those times for women who lost their hair for whatever reason. The very idea now seems implausable. Yet, I am sure that there is much today that shall also seem so, in the future.

The fact that these images are idialized and interpreted wigs of a past, makes them all the more sinister and shocking.Wigs are usually always made for the wearer to feel more comfortable in the world and to fit in. How would this imagined concept apply? In the instance of these contraptions, were they made for greater saleability on the auction blocks or were they for private view for example?

What is clear now, is that Ms. Gardener’s prints lead to more questions about their meaning, and isn’t that what Art is all about.


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