Does mas keep us from ‘sexy’ art?

Posted in Opinion by Adele Todd on September 16, 2007

There is no shortage of lecherous imagery in mas. In fact it is a prerequisite for it. The belief is that on Wednesday, the day of ashes, all is forgiven and forgotten. We all know the story of wine with the politician and the pauper for tomorrow is another day, where you pass each other straight, making ‘as if!’

The dance is sexual, the adornment is made up to suggest or to enhance. The drinking, the indulgence is heightened. Everyone is involved, everyone is in on feeling a feeling, whatever that may be.

Take a wine, take a wine.

It is not for the timid. We see all manner of dress, even for the spectators. It is a time to be something or someone other than your staid self. Every colour, shape, size, age, religion, personality can join and do.

It is a complete embrace, and so, what does this mean for the Art offerings for the rest of the year?

After carnival, the state of art is very laid back. In fact there can hardly be anything that suggests a continuance from the raucous baccanalia that is experienced at that time of year.

Should Art do so however? Should Art attempt to lead the viewer on a roller coaster ride of experience? Should it attempt to shock, to titillate, to mess with the consciousness?

I say, yes. It should, after all, the mas is a springboard to where we can go and be.

We are comfortable in our mas, and it is believed that for some of our artist, playing the ‘mas’ is a full time job.

I say, let us explore this phenomenon and see where it takes us.


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