More than the sum of its parts

Posted in Art in Canada by Adele Todd on September 17, 2007

      This weekend I was treated to a particularly wonderful experience. My friend Stephen took me to a few galleries that ended with a walk around The Distillery District. We got there a little late, so I did not see a great deal of art. But that was not the point. The distillery district is as it sounds, an old distillery converted to house artists and shops. This is what I love most about Canada, the attention to architecture and using the old with the new and converting the old to new uses. In fact Stephen and I plan on going on what I have coined, ‘An Architecture Crawl,” in the future.

The Distillery makes me think of London or France, Neal’s Yard in particular. You almost expect to run into a scullery maid or a carriage in one of the nooks and crannies of the place. The layout is so generous that you can wonder down lanes at your leisure. There is the lack of pretense because there is so much to discover that even if there are galleries that may seem forboding, the average person is encouraged to look around. The marriage of art and commerce is refreshing, as the studio spaces and working galleries are side by side, doing what they do without fuss. What a fabulous concept this is.


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