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Posted in Book and magazines reviews by Adele Todd on September 20, 2007

I just bought the large tome of a book from Taschen, Art Now, Volume II. There was also Cream, who have very sensibly jettisoned the unweildly sizing in favour of something much more practical, a large hard cover book format.

Taschen, Art Now, Volume II

Art Now is the new directory to 136 international contemporary artists and is edited by Uta Grosenick. The expected names are there, Glen Brown, Tracy Emin, Peter Doig, Chris Ofili, Olafur Eliasson, Paul Mc Carthy, Mariko Mori and Kara Walker.
I chose this book more for the writing than for the Art. However, I have already seen some work that I find quite intruiging. The Japanese artist, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba for one, he uses video staged on the ocean floor, so the mind sees watery interpretations of dry ground activities. It is rather trippy and beautiful in its staging.
Paulina Olowska on the other hand stays on dry land, producing overlapping stage set installations that encourage looking beyond the initial impression.
But ultimately, I really like the work of Tobias Rehberger. His colour palette takes on a very contemporary, interior and industrial design sensibility. But as sculptural pieces the work is very refreshing and thought provoking.

This book does not include Damien Hirst, but it does include Jeff Koons. The overall impression is that Art is very much connected to its time, with many artists focusing on war and the environment, women’s issues and politics. On some levels it seems depressing and violent. Yet there is also alot of colour and media and ultimately wonderfully high quality work in this second volume on Art today.

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