Nuit Blanche

Posted in Art in Canada by Adele Todd on September 22, 2007

A free all night contemporary art show shall take place on September 29th, 2007 from 7:03pm until sunrise in four locations, Bloor-Lansdowne, Parkdale, Church-Wellesley,Downtown Yonge and The Distillery District.
This is such a huge and prestigious event, partly undertaken by Scotiabank. I have a mind to send the official pull-out guide to the president of Scotiabank in Trinidad and suggest he get on the ball regarding culture.
Scotiabank’s huge presence at the Nuit Blanche includes three zones that they call, hubs. Zone A,B and C. Zone A features exhibitions from thirteen artists working with sound installation, kinetic sculpture, dance and video. There are also twenty two independent projects that range from Jewellery, Music and Ballet. All of these projects are curated ventures created by such major bodies as The University of Toronto, Bata Shoe Museum, The Greek Consulate and Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
Galleries are not far behind, as The Japanese Foundation, Ingram Gallery and Kinsman Robinson Galleries are involved, and as I have already stated, this is only Zone A.
For Zone B, I was quite pleased to read, at the very top of exhibitions, Moko Jumbie Dance, 2007, hmmm, I wonder where that idea came from?
Of the exhibits, independent projects and galleries here, there are some exciting and curious titles to choose from, such as: What will you do? interactive installation with projection. Deaf Cultures Centre, Diverse Lives: Deaf Women Artists & Sign Dance, Majic and Mime, Kensington Market, Kensington Art Project – find 9 projects in the area bordered by College Street to Dundas St.W and Spadina Ave to Bellevue Avenue and Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) Transformed by Imagination, group exhibition.
Can you imagine a full night to just walk around, experience and explore so much art and culture in a large expanse of space? It is a biennale without the Olympic like categories.
Zone C’s offerings are among others, Made In Toronto: Graffiti Research Lab, Insomnosonic, Live music, Ciyt Glow, 2005- Noboru Tsubaki-Installation, Arts & Letters Club- posing Questions – An exploration of unquestioning acceptance in modern Canadian society and XPACE Culture Gallery – Wall + Paper Curated by Matthew Nye.
Amidst all of that there shall be great food and drink, The Distillery alone has wonderful bistro’s and a chocolate factory, so it is a good thing that all of the events are spaced out to allow for some exercise, casual though it will be. It shall be a night where people of all ages shall enjoy Art in a relaxed atmosphere, meet up with friends and contemplate new and varied ways of seeing and being.
Bundle up and wear comfortable shoes.
Oh, and get some rest, because no one shall be sleeping on the night of nuit blanche.


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