Colour in the Caribbean

Posted in Opinion, Sex in Caribbean Art by Adele Todd on October 4, 2007

The small bit on Roberta Stoddart left me feeling a bit uncomfortable about the matter of her race. I hate race talk, but in Art, many things about an artist helps in the understanding of their work and moreso, can bring so much more to their purpose. For example the Indo Guyanese Artist Bernadette Persaud creates large totem pieces that are Flags, a direct symbol of her Hinduism. Not knowing her background may make her imagery less meaningful to the viewer. The talk of race is ticklish at the best of times because it is so petty!
It is also the same for female as opposed to male art.
Yet, it is always easier to say these things if one has not gone through the trials of being appreciated and respected for ones work regardless of what you look like. The pages of art history books are filled with testosterone and very little estrogen.
This shall turn completely in the next century as women are making huge strides in art.
Eventually no one should care whether you are a blind transvestite with halitosis. Until then however, every little meaning does count. The question is why and how, and vigilance is the key, don’t let minor reasons cloud meaning.


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