naked works

Posted in Opinion by Adele Todd on October 23, 2007

One of the reasons sexypink began, was because my friends and I in the field of Art, were certain that there was alot of work by many people, in sketchbooks and under beds, deserving to be seen. Yesterday I was very fortunate to see just such work in progress.

The pieces in question were self portraits and were subtly confrontational. Without giving away too much of his process or his purpose, he was looking at transparency and overlaying against the body. The idea was potent and multi-layered. He had just started to create these pieces and I am unsure how he will display it. What I really liked about what I saw, was the subtle beauty of the work. I was not seeing someone whom I have known for years, but a work of Art.

The idea of using himself in the way that he did, and his thinking in producing what he did caused me to feel the maturity and bravery in the work. As I write all the time, what makes Art important is that the Artist pushes past comfort or even sometimes, understanding, believing in the process so thoroughly and trusting that it is the very best that they can do. By giving it everything, it is a challenge and no guarantee. Yet, it is the most important thing.


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