Pondering on fame

Posted in Opinion by Adele Todd on October 28, 2007

I never want to write something that ends without some element within it, provoking thought.I just bought the biography of Aubrey Beardsley written by Matthew Sturges, a critic.

In his introduction, he states, ‘He won recognition as the most original draughtsman of his generation, and created a body of work of exraordinary originality and depth.”

He goes on to say,

“His genius developed almost at a stroke, and was sustained. The pattern of his career – from early promise, first achievement and full assurance to conscious elaboration, commercial neglect and rich late work – echoes that of many artists who had three times his span. All was encompassed in less than six years of professional life.’

Those words are a reminder as to how and why an Artist becomes important.
I have always admired Beardsley. His lifes story is hopelessly bound up in all that he did because he was so tortured and ill. Yet, to me it is also the destroyed work that makes him interesting. He was so concerned about his more . You wonder what these pieces were, and were they really destroyed? It is like some of Leonardo’s books, will they ever be found?

I imagine the long limbed, pale young man with ink stained fingers and starched collar.
He almost seems too much for his times, somewhat like Schiele did in his. With so much to say, and a burning desire to say it, and as with all energy filled works, someone’s heart is so quickened by it, that the Artist and the Art are never the same again.
Yes, his lines form arabesques and flounces. But, for all the posing and prettifying, there is a sure hand looking at more than the surface in his body of work. He may have had a short life, but he managed to ignite a fire in what he produced. He had a calling to it, and he suffered through and his work sustains strength to this day.

I am surprised that his life has not been made into a musical by the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Or that Marilyn Manson hasn’t incorporated him somehow into his music videos.

Erotic drawings falling into the wrong hands


An Artist gets known and life changes forever.
There are those whose works make your heart sing, and you want to know any and everything about them, even who they are, and how they do what they do.
The Internet has helped make a great amount of work accessable, and I find that it catagorizes work more acutely. Work is either a,b,c,d,or e. You can in some instances even see where things will lead.

Above all, it makes you see how much the image means in our lives. There is so much to see, that when something causes pause in this day and age, it makes you stop and wonder why. Everything that can be tried, has. I see your naked woman and give you a couple having sex, I raise your couple and show you a man with a goat, and so on and so on it goes.

In all of this, there is the usual hubbub about religion, those levers are being pushed all the time, and getting written about. There was a big to do about someone making Jesus Christ out of chocolate. I expect that next year, just to ‘show them’ someone shall do The Last Supper in nougat.


Attention, discussion, look at me!

Remember when we were all little, look at me, look at me Mummy, look!
Has any of that really changed? Sometimes when I am in the subway, I look at someone and I think to myself, this person was once a baby and a child. I do this sometimes when I am stressed by a co-worker. it helps me to keep things in perspective. People just grew big, as my grandad used to say. No wonder toilet humour and any revelation that causes talk and gossip fuels more of the same. But the thing is, the Artist has been given the holy role of being societies ears, eyes and reason. So why do we then wonder, when they give us ourselves writ large and exposed in all of our putrid gory, glory!



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