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Posted in Art in Canada by Adele Todd on October 30, 2007

Eye Weekly did some good writing recently, with an article on Bus Gallery owner, Katharine Mulherin. Mrs Mulherin herself revealed a great deal of information, but this I suspect is partly to do with her great personality that comes through the article, and the writer asking the right questions.

She is credited with starting the Queen West Art Scene back in the last century,1998.
Audacious, with a passion for buying, this former Artist, turned Curator, buckled down and stuck out many years of ups and downs, fullfilling the dream to sell Art to all comers, even as her area of choice slowly began to get so upmarket that it threatened her staying power.
She credits her success to doing the Art Fair circuit, and states matter of factly that the work she sells more than pays for all of the travel to Miami,London, Germany, Spain and New York.

Her globetrotting has also helped her meet valuable clients and like minded curators who have gone as far as collaborating with her and starting dialogues between countries. At least this has been the case with the Chelsea Gallery in New York, where she curated a show called, “Canadian Stories” in 2006.

Mrs.Mulherin also lets on that she can work anywhere she wants to now, because of the Internet, she can look at .jpegs of Artists works without even leaving her home. But it is clear if you read between the lines dear artists, the way to get any attention from this curator, or galleries, is to buckle down and get your work into the Art fairs. Also get your work online and do, do the footwork and homework. Read all you can about what’s what and who’s who.
She mentions in the article that some of her strongest artists in her gallery are not the showy,’avant- garde,’ but steady, consistant, strong workers. it is almost sad in this day and age to have to apologise for being committed to your process, far less your group of artists’ processes. It tells you how very competitive the art market can be, and how much the buyer is perpetually on the hunt for the latest, hottest find because of what it can entail.
Reading this article gave me a great deal of insight. I almost passed it up, thinking that it was a puff piece.

Despite all that Nuit Blanch has managed to do, galleries do not see scores of people entering their doors on a daily basis. With all of the Art you can see online, and the competition online, to get seen, get a showing and get your career going, Mrs. Mulherin is doing her bit for the Arts, Artists and the business of Art, and I was certainly pleased to read an unvarnished reality check on how things function, even if it was only one view on Queen Street.


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  1. Richard Bolai said, on October 30, 2007 at 8:28 pm

    It is amazing what memory is, the gallery where Katharine Mulherin’s space is, was a place I often visited, then, an artist lived there, and prier to that, if I am not mistaken, an artist also died. Yet, after so many years, the store front remains the same, in memory.

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