Posted in Art in Canada, Opinion by Adele Todd on November 5, 2007

I have been deeply moved by the writing about a young photographer and then going to her site and reading about her work and seeing what she is trying to do. My first complement is to the writer, Joe Fiorito who got out of the way and wrote something well balanced. He didn’t make it sound like a glorified piece, nor did he make it sound like a handout. This photographer lives on the street. She definitely has problems, but she is working through them and we, the reader have entered her life at the moment when she may be turning a corner. She doesn’t know what can happen, but she is hopeful, and her site on Flickr is exactly the kind of stuff that great artists beginnings are usually about.

street-photographer self portrait taken in a washroom

 Spirited Away on Flickr

Alot of the work is new, and by new I mean that she is experimenting and feeling her way around. She is willing to take risks and we have seen alot of this kind of photography before. But what sets what she is doing here, apart, is the honest, almost ‘reality television’ type approach to what she is doing. Only hers is not played for the camera, in this case, the camera is played for her. She is in control and there is no do-over. When you get onto her Flickr site, you are greeted with her writing, and an opportunity to see work by other people she likes as well.

You find yourself struck by the earnest approach to the page, the photography and her request for support for young, homeless Canadians. She is doing her part to make her world a little bit better, and she has reminded me today of the wonderful power that Art can bring to bear of the world.


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