Writing in Trinidad

Posted in Opinion by Adele Todd on January 19, 2008

Just as I lamented about the writing about Art in Trinidad, todays Express newspaper has managed to write a decent article on the painter Brian Wong Won. Unfortunately there is no name attatched to the article, so I cannot say who wrote it.

Wong Won has been creating distinctive guache works of Carnival for about nineteen years. His is a quirky style of solid colour, photorealistic imagery and fretwork houses, all on the same level, so everything in the work seems to be dancing at the same time. His work is alot of fun. He uses images from magazines and photographs and he really attempts to get them right, and in doing so, he further skews perspective, as a large figure may be gyrating next to one that seems to belong in another perspective. He does not attempt to make statements other than, enjoy the work. Over the years his art can be found at Horizon’s for very good prices, and he has done a few images of churches with the same frenetic style. You can also find his work online. He lives in Florida, but makes a point of exhibiting at home every year. His show is called Mas is Mas and will be at Horizon’s Art Gallery in Mucurapo Road from the 26th of January.

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