Posted in Opinion by Adele Todd on February 12, 2008

              Much of what I write comes from personal musings or from discussions with friends. This post came from the latter. The idea of what drives the sale of certain types of work, led to further thought about content of certain types of art. My friend was concerned about censorship, and I was wondering whether art in Trinidad and Tobago gets any ripple of that anymore? In a way, very little provocative work comes to mind to begin with. Is it that artists are either not inclined to produce such works? or is it that they are only too aware of what such works can do, and choose instead to tow the line?

This Carnival for me was consciously spent at the best possible limeing venue, home. (Great seats, free food, good bathroom) and one of the shows I looked at was a Calypso Tent show. The tent is a tough place to go to, the number of encores can turn your night into early morning, and the seats are usually uncomfortable. I heard some risque songs by a few Calypsonians and I was later reminded that that is at the heart of Carnival, a bit of salaciousness is all in the mix.

I have asked this question before of Art and Art forms in Trinidad and Tobago. How come there is so much energy in some aspects of Art and not others?

Is it that society causes this? or does the artist self censor?



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