What Art needs

Posted in Debate by Adele Todd on June 4, 2008

                  Today, I promised a friend that I would look into something that is very much needed in Trinidad and Tobago. He wanted to know about costs of certain work and availability. I realised then and there that nobody, as far as I am aware, is or has  compiled a booklet on art selling.

I think that something is needed, where art buyers can have something in hand, that they can refer to, telling them who is presently selling work, what they are selling, the costs, and the availability of a particular type of work.

                  I think that this needs to be done, so that artists can take themselves more seriously. I am sure that there are many people who may be underselling themselves. Also, in the instance of those overpricing themselves, one needs to know why this is the case? Does an oil painting warrent a greater cost to an acrylic? We can say without seeing, a solid yes. But is it possible that an artist can get more for an acrylic than for a small oil? What about the name, reputation and skill of the artist? Shouldn’t people know why they should have one work over another.

Ultimately, this booklet needs to be done because art is selling and artists need to feel good about what they are doing.



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