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Posted in Debate by Adele Todd on August 26, 2008

Last night the local television news had a very disturbing segment about a trend that is cropping up on U-Tube. What was reported was that gang members are creating music video’s and threatening the lives of policemen in these videos and posting them through the site.

If this is indeed the case, I am certain that U-Tube will pull these offensive films from their site. However, the question is, what can we learn from this situation?

I have to say that I am amazed that gang members would choose to make music online, and more so, use the media to further street credibility. It is an awareness of media that is quite savvy. But it is also quite scary too. The gangs are very mindful of the power of imagery. You see it in the way that they dress, speak and act. The way that the use the newspapers to their advantage all of the time, and get their messages across is astounding. I can continue to write superlatives about this, or I can venture suggestions about the way that the media has let the public down by the very nature of how violent crime is glamorized daily.

Yet, it is the public to blame for a large chunk of the appetite for such violence in the first place.

When the very real creeps into the space of make believe and adds to the fantasy, we as a people really need to check ourselves and discuss levels of censorship seriously.

I know that it is a very hard topic to discuss. We tread on human rights when it comes up. But it is imperative that we all connect the dots of where crime is at this time in such a tiny place like Trinidad and Tobago, and I ask, do you want to be caught sleeping, or being pro-active?


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