Posted in Opinion by Adele Todd on October 29, 2008

       Of late, the media have been writing and stating things about the economy and the world in over-reaching superlatives that make adults get nightmares. For most of us, we must turn all of the cacophony off, to get through the day and take our own emotional temperatures.

        It is with this in mind, that I conclude that artists are going to thrive in these trying times. In the first place, the profession is not one with clear cut benefits. Artists have always had to think creatively and to move to the beat of their own hearts and minds.

       For many, the art process operates in a universe that does not glide along in tandem with the bill paying process. The taste and the desire to create does not gel with every consumerist taste, leaving so many who look at Art shaking their heads believing that they just don’t get it. 

      Artists make work because there is a need to create. That need has no mandates, no best before date and no glass ceiling. 

Much of the making is solitary, arbitrary brain work that cannot be assessed by the onlooker at first blush. Uncontainable in nature,  Art is the one freeing element that shall get us all through whatever the future holds.  In its malleable state, it allows us to dream, to think differently, to explore and to get out of ourselves and remember that nothing is promised and we do take ourselves much too seriously.



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