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Posted in Art in the world by Adele Todd on October 31, 2008

The BBC is doing a series of shows on being black in America. These programmes are focused on the plight of African American’s at this moment that the Democratic nominee for president Barack Obama moves ever closer to becoming President of the United States.The show has looked at black American’s in all walks of life, but what struck me most was the segment on an artist by the name of Majora Carter.





Miss Carter lived in the South Bronx, left and studied at Wesleyan University. One of her intentions was to never return to  the negative influence of her home town. However when she decided to continue her education, she had to move back for financial reasons.

    She states that one day as she was walking her dog along wasteland, she hit upon an idea to create a park amidst all of the degredation in the area. She said that the area that she lives in the South Bronx is known more for violence, drugs and prostitution, with no one caring for the health of the honest people there. Children cannot go out to play and the elderly are forced to stay indoors.

Her efforts to make a serious change for her community did not happen easily. She had to convince many people, write strong proposals and do a great deal of the legwork on her own to make her vision happen.

But, what came of her efforts is an organization that can be used as a template for the world. She has seen her area used as a dumping ground for all the waste that people forget once it is cleared from their homes and communities.













She says, “No community should be saddled with more environmental burdens and less environmental benefits than any other.”

Her organisation is called-: 

Sustainable South Bronx

890 Garrison Avenue,

4th Floor The Bronx,

NY 10474

646. 400. 5430

The images of the park and mural as well as the text associated with the park are from Majora Carter’s interview with Matthew Bannister of the BBC

See her video and process regarding her project

The video and images of Miss Carter come from TED talks, TED has no affiliation with the BBC.

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