Posted in Art in the world by Adele Todd on January 17, 2009

manifesthope-41 The excitement over the election of America’s first black president shall continue to crescendo for some time, at least until he makes his first major miss steps. Or, maybe not. Mr. Obama has a way of making people look at things a bit differently.

However, this week, in preporation for the inaugeration of the 44th commander in chief, Washington has unveiled a rootsy exhibition of Obama memorabilia and art.

The show is called Manifest Hope:DC and as expected some of the heavyweights featured are Shepard Fairley and Obay, the latter of the two was seen on the Colbert Report discussing his iconic imagery that arguably may have been one of the major contributors to the Obama mystique that helped propel him into office.

Looking at the works on display, the energy and excitement created is extremely infectious. Who wouldn’t want to be in Washington for such an event? Yet, what is even more remarkable is the extension of that energy that continues to perculate through the works of these artists who were propelled to become part of the Obama message seperately and collectively.

Artists coming together to affect change is something that reads well on paper, but in my experience, it has not been something that has translated well in reality. It always seems best left to graphic designers. In this instance though, the works of graffiti artists, graphic designers and everyone in between has melded so well and produced such a groundswell of goodwill and yes, hope, that as an outsider, I too feel caught up in the heady adrenaline rush of the event.

Manifest Hope:DC starts today and ends on inaugeration day, Tuesday 20th January 2009.


Added Note: Every time I wrote the name of the show, that is called Manifest Hope: dee, cee. I got a smiley face. It was not deliberate on my part. I guess it just goes to show you the level of good feelings in Washington these days…actually the answer is simpler, because of lingo, placing a capital letter next to a colon gives you a natural smiley face ie:D

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