Making hard choices

Posted in Adele Todd by Adele Todd on March 19, 2009

     A number of my posts come from conversations with friends in the arts and this one is no different. The issue discussed, was about working in your field commercially and the way that it can affect the making of the work that you really want to make.

In some ways the concern may seem trite. There are many artists straddling this line and doing quite well. There are even artists who occassionally dabble in other things and then transition back into what they do best.

For my friend the need to do both has become wearisome and justifying the need to make money and the need to make art has worn them down considerably, so they are thinking of taking some time away from both. I suggested that there is no right or wrong way in the process of making art, and in my own experience where I feel this same pull and tug too, I have found that the desire to make work is so overwhelming that it can sustain any gray area.

However, for those for whom it is not so easy to flow with the unexpected currents of life, I think that the first objective is to come to terms with the fact that there is no right way, just a way. You must confront the working and do. Ideas come in many guises and the sketchbook is always a good place to amass the creative energy that comes through you.

As a trained designer I find that wanting to make ‘graphic design’ and ‘craft’ also can feel as though I am venturing away from making art, but at the same time, it is all creative endeavours that I am about, and everything I have found myself doing has informed everything else.

So I am saying embrace and accept all of yourself and if the need to regroup is there, do that too, but know that it is just a way to an end.


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