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Posted in Opinion by Adele Todd on May 20, 2009

Art is best understood in the future, So you may as well be aware of yourself from now. Some artists are so calculating about this that that should be their art in itself.(For all of us who just want to make good work, there are a few of us who want to make mischief. Yes my friends, the art world, although not a clocked, regular job, still comes with the pesky characters, who are willing to take you down for nothing other than sport. These people have an eye on their image, and god forbid that you should point out that they are sometimes less than the greatest thing in the world.

No, the local art world is not filled with everyone holding hands and helping each other through the uncharted ground, and alas, if you choose to write about it, god forbid, you have now crossed over into no-man’s land of ostracism.

There are people who are not going to be friends with you just because you didn’t go to the same schools they went to. That’s absurd enough. So you can imagine when you come across the helpful professional who tells you that they have been looking at your work and they like what they see, and as you walk away they hatchet you with someone else, it happens all the time. You wonder, what is their agenda?

Getting the truth out of people in the art world is a difficult thing. You never know what some people really mean, think and stand for. There is a great deal of fear in many artist of a certain age. No amount of education or accolades seems to help them. This may simply be a quirk of personality. But in my experience, some artists in my island are harder to befriend than those from the region and beyond.

I think that it is very clear that just as in the literary world, there are artists whose personalities leave much to be desired, and so we must look to the work to draw our real references.

We must also realize that in today’s world, the more troubled and colourful the life, the greater chance at being written about. Bad behavior seems to be its own reward.

While there is nothing wrong in looking at one’s legacy and working towards it, it is the bodies that you leave in your wake, destroyed for pettiness that is nothing to be proud of. You can get ahead without meanness. See your career from a good and not a ruthless place.

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