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Treat me with dignity when I birth your nation

Hope 1

Without closure, without forgiveness, where would we be?
the work, H O P E asks for such.

many years of looking back on the work,
the wall of red beads,
the embroidery,
the mechanical nurses…

the emotional pain
based on the daily treatment
that many women face from their own sex,
in hospitals all over the world.

What you want is a kind word and good care
imagine yourself handling you

hope bleed

you would not be rude,
you would not be trite,
you would care.

The Oath states,
Do No Harm

yet, it is flouted every day in the world.


Is it that we are just not what we think we can be?

Don’t speak ill, if your tired.

Don’t act when you don’t feel to,

until and unless
you remember that

All Care Is About Yourself



Parts of performance was ruin by the failure of this camera. Do not support Pentax Corporation.

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